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    Hotels in Sighişoara, Romania, open up the sights, sounds and unusual attractions that make the historic Transylvanian region such a popular tourist destination. Found along the Tarnava Mare River in Mures County, this city of under 33,000 people has a feel that hearkens to the medieval past. Indeed, as the birthplace of the infamous Vlad Tepes, this city is of major interest to holiday makers from all over the world.Budget hotels in Sighişoara are perfectly situated to give visitors a flavor for everything that makes this city so special. With its towering historic buildings and narrow streets, Sighişoara can easily trick the eyes and convince holidaymakers they have stepped back into the past. This city, in fact, dates back to the 1100s when the Saxons first settled the area. Sighişoara’s history and well-preserved buildings have even captured the attention of UNESCO. That organization has designated the city’s central region, or the Sighişoara Citadel, as a World Heritage Site. The old citadel plays host to a Medieval Festival each July. Other attractions here include the Vlad’s birthplace, the clock tower, which dates to the 1360s, and the weapons museum, which boasts a large collection of medieval weaponry.