Hotéis em Bremen

      Bremen Details

      In northern Germany resides their smallest city state, Bremen. This small rural town dates back to the times of Charlemagne. Visit the Weser River to watch the ships. From Bremen you can always visit the Überseemuseum (ethnography museum) located near the Old Town. The Marketplatz is found in the Medieval quarter of the city dominated by a 10-m tall statue of Roland built in 1404. The Roselius Haus, a 14th c. building, now houses a museum with Dutch and German art. You can recognize it from the Meissen bells at its rooftop. From there, you can wander to the Rathaus with its Romanesque façade. It is one of the best illustrations of Western Renaissance architecture in this region of Germany. Bremen may then be the place to stay for more than a weekend. Bremen is, after all, home of the famous tale, “The Bremen Town Musicians.” A statue dedicated to this tale is in the square.