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    In southern Italy stands Italy’s last, great wilderness – the Basilicata region. Travelers stay in Basilicata hotels to visit this wild landscape of dark, wooded valleys, huge mountain ranges and small towns and villages clinging tenaciously to the stone face. Tourists seek out hotels in Basilicata to see the “sassi” caves featured in Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of Christ.” These sassi caves, stone homes carved out of the walls of ravines, are worth staying in Basilicata cheap hotels or discount hotels. Basilicata is home to these “sassi” dwelling representing the most vast troglodyte structural complex in the Mediterranean. The sassi also remain an example of how humans continue to live in serviceable structures over centuries. People only abandoned them as homes some 30 or 40 years ago. For staying longer than a weekend, Basilicata offers more than the sassi.If you check with, you will find hotels make it easier to enjoy the natural wonders of Basilicata. There are the Lucanian Apennines and Monte Pollino National Park. You can also wander the smooth, flat beaches or visit the Greek ruins. For those interested in history, there are two on site museums at Metaponto and Policoro.