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The Riviera Toscana, Tuscan Riviera or Etruscan Coast runs between Leghorn (Livorno) and Piombino. From Etruscan Coast hotels, visitors venture out to rocky coasts or sandy beaches. For a weekend, Etruscan Coast can provide visitors with swimming, fishing and sun bathing. If you go inland, hotels in Etruscan Coast offer peaceful, gently sloping hills with several nature parks. From Etruscan Coast cheap hotels venture forth to Poggetti, Contessa and the Refuge Paduale di Bolgheri - all parks for visitors to explore on can provide guidance in choosing discount hotels. Etruscan Coast can help you spend it on their cultural heritage. You can visit the promontory of Piombino, the hills behind and the gulf it creates. There is the Casale Marittimo and the great fortresses of the region, including Fortrezza Vecchia with its 11th century keep and the 16th century Fortezza Nuovo. You can also join the multitudes that come to see the famed Etruscan Tombs. The huts or tumuli comprise part of a substantial archaeological site near Populonia.