Hotéis em Valle d'Aosta

      Valle d'Aosta Details

      This is the highest elevated region in all of Italy. The Valle d’Aosta is close to both the Swiss and French borders. When you leave hotels in Valle d’Aosta you may see waterfalls, pine forests or small villages where Italian and French culture meet. Some individuals stay in cheap Valle d’Aosta hotels so they can afford to go to the ski resorts on the mountains of Valle d’Aosta; others stay in Valle d’Aosta hotels or save money for hiking or cable car rides by remaining in discount hotels. Valle d’Aosta is a place for both hiking and skiing. You may try for the most suitable accommodation for your budget.Some people remain only a weekend. Valle d’Aosta has rock climbing, hiking trails or scenic paths to suit the weekend warrior or longer term tourist. There are also villages and towns to visit. Aosta has a 2,000-year-old wall surrounding its central core. It also boasts the remains of a Roman Theater.