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Hotel Regina Барселона


Bergara, 2-4, Barcelona, Испания

Потрясающе, 4.0
На основании 1004 Отзывы гостей
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Поскольку в отеле Hotel Regina большое количество номеров, вы можете выбирать среди множества различных вариантов.

Если вы ищете высокий уровень комфорта в городе Барселона, эта гостиница - хороший выбор. Клиентам, которым нужна хорошая транспортная развязка, подойдет Funicular de Montjuic, который находится недалеко от гостиницы. Можно совершить приятную прогулку от гостиницы до Площади Каталонии, а также Пасео де Грасиа и Площади де-Сан-Жауме В Барселоне. Добраться отсюда до La Boqueria совсем несложно; так же легко дойти до Дом Бальо и Лас-Рамблас. Памятник Колумбу расположен всего лишь в 1.4 км (0.9 миль) отсюда.

Гости Hotel Regina будут рады узнать, что здесь есть бар/гостиная, а также зона для некурящих (общая) и библиотека, к которым они получат доступ. Среди услуг, которыми вы можете воспользоваться, - место для хранения багажа и услуги посыльного, а также доктор по вызову. Гости, приезжающие в Барселона по работе, будут рады увидеть здесь конференц-зал и бизнес-центр. Всего номеров: 99. Отель предлагает вам такие варианты транспорта, как платный автобус до аэропорта.

При проживании в Hotel Regina вы получите номер с кондиционером. Запрет на курение в городе Барселона действует и в этом здании. Вы можете наслаждаться приятным выбором услуг в своем номере этого отеля, среди которых услуга пробуждения/будильник, услуги горничной и услуга ежедневной уборки. Гостям предложат скоростной беспроводной доступ в Интернет (бесплатный), чтобы оставаться на связи. Для более комфортного сна в номерах предоставляются гипоаллергенные постельные принадлежности (по запросу). В ванных комнатах этого отеля предоставляются такие удобства, как ванна или душ, увеличительное зеркало и бесплатные туалетные принадлежности.

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Потрясающе, 4
1004 Отзывы гостей
  • Местоположение 5
  • Стоимость 4
  • Hомера 4
  • Услуги 4
  • Чистота 4.5
  • Качество сна 4
Kimberley D Barcelona Супруг(-а)/Спутник(-ца) Апрель 2013 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Perfect Location!"
Nice hotel, great location and fairly decent price. The only thing I will say is if you are a light sleeper then the constant noise of the underground trains running underneath the building may be an issue! Luckily i can sleep through anything! The best thing about this hotel was the location. It was around the corner from Las Ramblas and also really easy to get the Aerobus to and from the airport. If you're planning to be out doing tourist stuff for most of your trip then the hotel is ideal.
LISA S Barcelona Декабрь 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
This Hotel was fabulously situated for all the sights + the tour bus & bus station just 2 minutes walk. Would recommend anyone to stay here. Only downfall was no tea or coffee facilities in the room when we arrived but as it was late we didn't need it.
Rebecca S Barcelona Компания друзей Октябрь 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Great location, great cocktails, maybe not 4* tho!"
Location was just off placa catalunya! Fantastic. Lobby area and bar are beautiful and the bar man makes incredible cocktails.Room had a balcony that looked onto messy atrium with scaffolding! Bathroom needed a re fit. It was clean and the bed was comfy!
lynne b Barcelona Октябрь 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Birthday trip"
What a fab location and the staff couldn't have been more pleasant. Never seen so many tourists arriving each day before 10 a.m. Couldn't fault the stay
Alexandra S Barcelona Супруг(-а)/Спутник(-ца) Сентябрь 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Great hotel!"
We stayed with my husband in Hotel Regina for few days in september 2012. It was amazing! We liked everything about this hotel. It has great location, beautiful room and bathroom and even balcony with gorgeos view.
Y C Tokyo Супруг(-а)/Спутник(-ца) Сентябрь 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Nice place, but had problems with room"
Overall, the staff were excellent and extremely helpful. The location was great. But be careful if you stay there.When we arrived there, we were taken to a large, lovely corner room on the 4th floor with an excellent view as advertised on the website. Within minutes we noticed the pipe below the washroom sink was leaking significantly when it was used. It seemed like the connector was a bit loose and we wondered how the hotel hadn't noticed such an obvious problem before (previous guests didn't mention the flooding?). We called the front desk and the staff were very polite, they apologized that no other rooms were available on the 4th floor and sent someone to move us to another room. The next room was on the 2nd floor, smaller, dirtier, and off to the side without the nice view. We were obviously disappointed, especially since it seemed like we were downgraded and they made no offers of a discount.As we settled into our new room, we noticed a few curious things. The problem with the sink seemed easily fixable but they made no effort or suggestion to try to get us back into the much better room. When we were taken to the first room, we were given only one card key and when they took back this card key, the staff came back to our new room just to make sure to take away the paper sleeve that held the card key which had the room number written on it. Lastly, when I opened the balcony window in the nicer room, I noticed the handles were almost new, barely used. However, in the room we were moved into the window handles were clearly well-worn, as was the room in general (scrapes and stains on the walls). We couldn't help but suspect a bait and switch had been pulled on us, especially since there had been no offer of any symbolic or monetary compensation for being downgraded due to their own apparently poor maintenance.Finally, I also want to mention that at the end of this stay, when we were checking out, the staff insisted that although we had prepaid everything 3 months ago, it was prior to the new Value Added Tax that started that month and asked us to pay an extra 6-7 euros. That left us with a bad taste in our mouths about the hotel management. I don't trust them.
Grace A The Hague Сентябрь 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Just the best!"
Good location, friendly staff, very clean and perfect package and value for money. The only problem that we had was with the room service as they couldn't understand our requests properly because of language problem. However it was not a major problem. We will definitely stay in this hotel again.
James C Barcelona Август 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Great Location, Stay, Value"
I stayed one night at the Hotel Regina before going on a cruise. The hotel was very clean, rooms were clean and had all that you needed. The location could not have been better. It was a two minute walk from the AERO Bus from the airport. It is another 3 minuts from the beginning ofthe Rambulas. I had two rooms one for my wife and another for 3 adult children both were outstanding.
Sarah R Barcelona Август 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Great Hotel"
The staff was very welcoming and always helpful with directions or suggestions. The hotel is very clean and I definitely felt comfortable leaving our belongings, purchases, etc while we were exploring Barcelona. The location is perfect for going to Las Ramblas or heading into the nicer parts of the city. There is a metro station right across the plaza which makes the city very accessible.
Alan T Barcelona Июль 2012 Путешествующие с Easytobook
 "Great location-right at the centre but not too noisy"
We chose this hotel because of its location-ideal for seeing the sights of this city with only a 2 min walk to La Rambla or a metro station. The room was large and the beds comfy. Pricey hotel but worth it for location alone.
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