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      In French, this region is Bretagne, in English Britanny. A region surrounded by water on three sides, it differs from its country, France, through its strong Celtic bloodlines. The ancient tongue of Breton and the Inter-Celtic Festival indicate to tourists in Bretagne hotels the different flavor of the region. Be sure to arrange through to stay in hotels in Bretagne during August when the festival takes place. Register anytime at Bretagne cheap hotels or save money by staying in discount hotels. Bretagne has more to offer than festivals or religious pardons.Try the region for a weekend. Bretagne has wind swept and wave-washed coasts that run for 1,100 km. There are rocky peninsulas and small harbors, hidden caves and clandestine inlets. You can visit stone cottages with their gardens of foxglove, hollyhock and hydrangeas. There are the fortified towns of St. Malo and Vitré to explore and the ancient megaliths of Carnac. Rivaling Stonehenge, they predate such revered monuments as Egypt’s pyramids.