Hotell i Dresden

Dresden Details

This area in Dresden is still recuperating from the carpet-bombing of the last war. There is, after much restoration, plenty to see if you decide to stay more than a weekend. Dresden retains much of its fine Baroque architecture and opens the doors of its museums to travelers. Admire the Japanisches Palais (Japanese Palace), a unique museum detailing the history of public health or wander the Königstrasse, a historic boulevard home to fine estates. Try the Allebrechstburg Castle at Meissen, known for its porcelain or visit the various villages nestled along the Elbe River. In Dresden, there is the Blaueswünder or blue Wonder, a suspension bridge over the Elbe River as well as the Baroque Royal Church – the Hofkirche and the newly renovated Frauenkirche. Og special interest to some are the Green Vaults in the Residenzschloo, home to the royal gems and jewels.