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The area of Argentario, often referred to as Monte Argentario, was once an island. This portion of Italy became linked to the mainland as time and sandbars thickened. Today, if you stay at Argentario hotels, local people will inform you that Argentario is both a commune and a peninsula. Therefore, for a weekend, Argentario allows you to enjoy the worlds of both the island and the mainland. Check with to see whether hotels in Argentario, even Argentario cheap hotels, offer you any substantial savings for other opportunities. Even by staying in a discount hotel, Argentario may help you economize for a longer stay here or elsewhere.Argentario does provide visitors with several sights or historical interest. There is the Spanish Fortress, Fortrezza Spagnola in Porto Santo Stefano. There are also several other large fortresses in the area, particularly Forte Filippo and Forte Stella. Take a panoramic tour along the coastline on the appropriately named Via Panoramica. From here, branch out to the mainland.