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If you’re looking for a place with international flavor, Friuli Venetia Julia is an ideal location. The governance of this region has changed hands many times and the result is a potpourri of markets, various architectural styles and a rich literary history. For a great weekend, Friuli Venetia Julia offers an array of coffeehouses where you lap up the same atmosphere enjoyed by writers like James Joyce and Franz Liszt. Friuli Venetia Julia hotels are close to many sites like the Chiesa di San Spiridione Serbian Orthodox cathedral. Hotels in Friuli Venetia Julia are also near the Castello Miramare where you might hear the ghostly wailing of Maximilian’s wife Carlotta who was said to have gone crazy after he was murdered.When visiting the Friuli Venetia Julia, be sure to visit the Museo Reoltella among other museums. The museum is a fine example of modern and old history coming together in one place. Friuli Venetia Julia cheap hotels enable you to enjoy the entire region on a budget. With many choices in discount hotels Friuli Venetia Julia provides a choice of where to begin your exploration. Friuli Venetia Julia is an exciting place to visit due to its international flavor reflecting Italian, Austrian and Slavic influences. Book your hotel with and enjoy the rich cultural history.