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    The region of Latium in Italy is a depository of Roman history. In a weekend, Latium can reveal the remnants of the Etruscan civilization throughout this region. When you spend time at Latium hotels you can see the main focal point of the Church in this world. Rome is home to Vatican City which is a great attraction for religious tourists staying at hotels in Latium. Take in the religious artwork of all kinds and just the history of the Church and its influence on history as well as the present. Aside from strictly religious history, as visitors to discount hotels, Latium travelers can enjoy the National Museum. Latium cheap hotels give you a chance to visit the Capitoline Museum, the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the Pinacoteca Capitolina, and the Museum of Rome all house different types of artifacts as well. From sculptures to cultural documents, the many museums and galleries in this region have it all. By booking a trip on, you can also visit the Barracco Museum, the Dori Pamphili Gallery, and the National Gallery of Ancient Art.