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Sometimes referred to as Valdichiana, this region, runs from Arezzo to Chiusi. As visitors to Val di Chiana hotels discover, this is a beautiful valley running between the basins of the Tiber and the Arno Rivers. It is home to the remains of a prehistoric writings and walled towns. Tourists who book through leave their hotels in Val di Chiana to wander among the surrounding hills and visit the old villages with brick roads and castle ruins. They can visit the small lake and 16th century fort at Montepuluciano. There are also the caves with their ancient writings on Mount Cetona. If you wish to stay a week or a weekend, Val di Chiana is able to offer you the sights of Citivella in Val di Chiana with its Porta Sense beside the 13th century Cassero. If you wish to use Val di Chiana as a base for trips to Siena and Aruzzo, try staying in Val di Chiana cheap hotels or discount hotels. Val di Chiana can even show you an obelisk at Monte San Savino.